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    Sixteen Step Pooja The following is from Wikipedia : A full home or temple puja can include several traditional upacaras or “attendances”. The following is an example puja; these steps may vary according to region, tradition, setting, or time particularly in ways the deity is hosted. In this example, the deity is invited as a guest, the devotee hosts and takes care of the deity as an honored guest, hymns and food are offered to the deity, after an expression of love and respect the host takes leave and with affection expresses good bye to the deity.[4] Indologist Jan Gonda has identified 16 steps (shodasha upachara) that are common in all varieties of puja:[25] Avahana (“invocation”). The deity is invited to the ceremony from the heart. Asana. The deity is offered a seat. Padya. The deity’s feet are symbolically washed. Water is offered for washing the head and body Arghya. Water is offered so the deity may wash its mouth. Snana or abhisekha. Water is offered for symbolic