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Hinduism Is About Cultivating Bliss In The Body And Mind And In Society

  Introduction To Hinduism   This website was initially designed to provide some quick answers for people who want to understand their Hindu coworkers and neighbours in Canada. However,  in the process of researching and getting references, I discovered there were fundamental differences between how Hinduism is presented by people who have not experienced what they are writing about vs. the understanding you get from having experiences. This book presents Vedic knowledge in the context of my experiences from practicing various techniques for over 40 years. I have provided many references from Vedic literature that corroborate the point of view presented.  However, I am just a student of this vast ocean of knowledge.  I encourage you to find your own path, have your own experiences and develop your own understanding. A Word Of Caution: Hinduism is part of a culture that is thousands of years old.  The practices, beliefs and faith of Hindus is engrained in their daily life